Tzippora Nussbaum

Languages of Hospitality: Hebrew, English
Area: Bayit VeGan
צפורה נוסבוים

Tzippora Nussbaum

A Charedi artist and researcher living in Jerusalem.
Specializes in painting portraits and Jewish scenes

Invites you to explore of the Charedi world:

A peek into The Charedi clothes closet

The Shtreimel, the hats
The fabrics ,the frocks
The colors ,the threads.
According to communities and groups
Hair Cover –   What’s hidden and What’s Seen

A married woman covers her hair

For religious reasons

Rather than season,

 With a hat or a wig

Depending on tradition.

The explanations are accompanied by authentic paintings and photographs, Documentary videos.

 Home hosting / Lectures throughout the country

צפורה נוסבוים
צפורה נוסבוים
צפורה נוסבוים