Vered Levy Unger​

ורד לוי אונגר

Vered is an ecological and social artist.Was born in Jerusalem, today she lives in Kiryat HaYovel. Multidisciplinary creator – Writing, painting, sculpting, video, photography, performances and dancing. Certified in Religion sciences. Writer and illustrator of the children’s book “Pink Dream Shift” and the developer of a “reality dreaming” program, inspired by it. Writes personal fairytales […]

Devorah Kravetz​

דבורה קרביץ

Deborah is a photographer and film creator, raised in New York, who lives and creates in Ramat Shlomo. Getting to know Deborah and her creations provides an opportunity to get to know unique views and different perspectives about Jerusalem and its people, through the eyes of a Chabad Hasidi artist.

Ginandi Weber​

Born in Mea Shearim in the old city, daughter of holocaust survivors, graduated from Satmer school, with a knack for the arts since she was young, a painter in her free time for many years, with a special focus on modern and impressionistic paintings. She loves originality, variety and color, and has a yearning to […]

Gila Elyashar Stocklisky​

In the Beit-Hakerem neighborhood in the heart of Jerusalem, I live and work in the spacious studio in my home. I am a multidisciplinary artist, a sculptor in bronze and in ceramic, and a unique jewelry designer of fine gemstones and pearls. Each piece is unique. From the entrance through the magical garden, to the […]

Menucha Yankelevitch

מנוחה ינקלביץ

Menucha is an artist…but not just any artist. She is a Haredi woman whose family has lived in Jerusalem for seven generations. In her home in Kiryat Sanz she paints paintings full of story and color, enabling you to feel the magic of Jerusalem, to be excited by its majesty and splendor and to glimpse […]