Avigail Sarid

The artist Abigail Sarid lives in an ancient house in the heart of the village of Ein Kerem, where she creates her life stories intertwined with portraits of her family and the landscapes of her dear city, Jerusalem. Abigail opens her home to visitors with hot tea and cookies, and shares her exciting and complex […]

Shanina Touson

שנינה טאוסון

CASA TOUSON – Shanina and Shaul Touson home. I am Shanina, an artist and my husband Shaul is a chef and an expert on propolis and natural medicine. We host in our home in Jerusalem with a sense of mission to give our guests an authentic experience of Jewish family life. We are delighted to […]

Rachel Roth​

A fascinating encounter with Rachel Roth (“Rata”) an Ultra-Orthodox woman from theTel Araza – Bucharim neighborhood. A multidisciplinary painter and artist, every corner in her house has a message and plenty of joy.See the art, experience the story behind the painting hear about Hasidi people and about Mea Shearim, where she was raised.​

Tzippora Nussbaum

צפורה נוסבוים

Tzippora Nussbaum A Charedi artist and researcher living in Jerusalem. Specializes in painting portraits and Jewish scenes Invites you to explore of the Charedi world: A peek into The Charedi clothes closet The Shtreimel, the hats The fabrics ,the frocks The colors ,the threads. According to communities and groups Hair Cover –   What’s hidden and What’s Seen […]

Malka Schallheim

מלכה שלהיים

Malka  Schallheim grew up in Long Island, made Aliyah, and lives, paints, and teaches art  in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot  She studied art in Boston and at Pratt Institute in New York, and with teachers in Israel. Malka has developed a unique style which combines both American and Israeli influences, conveys her love of […]

Liora Bat El​

ליאורה בת אל

Liora is a multidisciplinary artist born in Jerusalem who lives in Givat HaMivtar in Northeastern Jerusalem. Leora paints on silk and her work is characterized by its colorfulness and Jewish Inspiration. Specializes in original photography of views related to the essence of the land of Israel. A photographer and editor of Documentary corporate videos.

Chana Zaritzky​

חנה זריצקי

Wide ranging artist in many facets Chana was born in Tiberias and grew up on the shores of the Kinneret Under the looming mountains of the Golan This pristine beauty had a strong influence on her and is recognized in all her works Ever since then she’s never laid down her brush Today Chana lives […]

Hanna Salmon​

חנה סלמון

Hanna lives in Talpiot and is a multidisciplinary artist with a vast experience in education.Provides workshops for adults and believes special talent isn’t necessary to manage to create. Creates paper-mache “Jewish dolls”, designs objects with corrugated cardboard (through a special technique called “cardboard lace”), decorates Ketubahs, and more.

Haya White

חיה וייט

Meet the Artist Haya White – Jerusalem Artist Paintings in watercolours, landscapes of Ein Kerem and Jerusalem visit the artist in her home in ein kerem Listen to her talking about her artistic style and source of inspiration Directed towards individuals and small groups Option of a workshop experience. Will be accompanied by light refreshments […]