Malka Schallheim

Languages of Hospitality: Hebrew, English
Area: Ramot
מלכה שלהיים

Malka  Schallheim grew up in Long Island, made Aliyah, and lives, paints, and teaches art  in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot  She studied art in Boston and at Pratt Institute in New York, and with teachers in Israel.

Malka has developed a unique style which combines both American and Israeli influences, conveys her love of the Land  of Israel and Judaism, and maximizes the marvelous effects of oil paints

Visitors are invited to come hear about her personal voyage and her connection to art and to the land of Israel and its’ people. Option of creating your own work of art, or making challas together!

מלכה שלהיים
מלכה שלהיים 2
מלכה שלהיים