Gila Elyashar Stocklisky​

Languages of Hospitality: Hebrew, English
Area: Beit HaKerem

In the Beit-Hakerem neighborhood in the heart of Jerusalem, I live and work in the spacious studio in my home.
I am a multidisciplinary artist, a sculptor in bronze and in ceramic, and a unique jewelry designer of fine gemstones and pearls. Each piece is unique.
From the entrance through the magical garden, to the house and the studio, you can be impressed by the varied artistic activity.
The sources of creative influence are very diverse. From my childhood in Kfar Sirkin, the flora and fauna, Judaism, legends, mythology and more.
I am happy to share and talk about the process of creative activity and the artistic experience from the imagination to creativity.

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Gila Elyashar Stocklisky
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