Efrat Ben-Yehuda Levin

Languages of Hospitality: Hebrew, English
Area: Ein Kerem

An experiential show at a home with a story.

My name is Efrat Ben-Yehuda Levin, I’m a poet, actress and workshop facilitator, and I invite you to an experiential show at my home who has a unique story.

During the visit, we’ll pass between the rooms of my house while I present my unbelievable story – the escape of my grandmother, the late Hannah Ben Haim, from her home in Morocco and the story of the Arab woman who lived in my house and fled from it.

The tour is accompanied by acting and poetry segments. The house is design combines elements from Morocco and modern time, and has been published in many magazines around the world, including in Chaina.

In the kitchen, the heart of the house, a beverge of Moroccan tea and cookies are served.

You are welcome to get together, inspir and delights the heart

Additional options – mindfulness workshops and creative writing workshops.

Special writing sessions or experience sessions in different meditations can be booked.

Come in love.

אפרת בן יהודה צילום אפרת בלוססקי (בהיר) מוקטן
אפרת בן יהודה צילום ס. לינצקי