Rachel Roth​

A fascinating encounter with Rachel Roth (“Rata”) an Ultra-Orthodox woman from theTel Araza – Bucharim neighborhood. A multidisciplinary painter and artist, every corner in her house has a message and plenty of joy.See the art, experience the story behind the painting hear about Hasidi people and about Mea Shearim, where she was raised.​

Ruth Havilio

For the past 30 years, Ruth Havilio has been living and creating hand painted ceramic tiles in a renovated ancient stone house at the heart of Ein Karem. You are welcome to meet Ruth and hear about her art and sources of inspiration, including personal family stories which are deeply intertwined with the history of […]

Tzippora Nussbaum

צפורה נוסבוים

Tzippora Nussbaum A Charedi artist and researcher living in Jerusalem. Specializes in painting portraits and Jewish scenes Invites you to explore of the Charedi world: A peek into The Charedi clothes closet The Shtreimel, the hats The fabrics ,the frocks The colors ,the threads. According to communities and groups Hair Cover –   What’s hidden and What’s Seen […]

Atalya Ein Mor

עתליה עין מור

 an inviting space for upscale meals with a spectacular panoramic view of the Judean hills and the magical village of Ein Kerem. Atalya offers exceptional culinary events: meals, workshops, exclusive gatherings, and culinary tours that reveal the deepest secrets of Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, and special culinary corners around the world. Atalya is an award winning […]

Liana Bat Yael

ענהאליה בן דוד

A journey of song of one French woman who chose to move to Israel in search of her voice. From the music of Paris to the holy songs of Jerusalem: A quest for her roots and spiritual renewal in Israel. An experiential taste of an original voice training method. Moving songs of connection, sacred poetry, […]

Malka Schallheim

מלכה שלהיים

Malka  Schallheim grew up in Long Island, made Aliyah, and lives, paints, and teaches art  in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot  She studied art in Boston and at Pratt Institute in New York, and with teachers in Israel. Malka has developed a unique style which combines both American and Israeli influences, conveys her love of […]

Malka Eliyahu Kosovich

מלכה אליהו קוסוביץ

Certified tour guide, an assortment of tours in Jerusalem including an option to include accommodations at home. Lives in an Ultra-Orthodox dynasty in the Makor Baruch neighborhood, hostess in the dynasty and brings people to meet Rabbis and Hasidi leaders in dynasties and neighborhoods, combining homey accommodations in houses and in the houses of Ultra-Orthodox […]

Mazal Motell

מזל מוטל

Yemeni accommodations, spiced with family stories about the immigration of the first Yemeni immigrants to Ein Karem in the ’50s. The everyday life, the happy occasions, the fights, the goat herding and more, accompanied by authentic singing. You will also hear about the Yemeni Hina, the costumes, the songs and the jewelry, and their symbolic […]

Liat de Cohen

ליאת דה כהן

 confectioner and caterer; and Nir, a lighting designer open their hearts and their home with love for various dining experiences: Friday night dinner and welcoming the Sabbath in the Jewish tradition, delicious home-cooked dishes, a family atmosphere and pleasant company create a unique and unforgettable experience. Garden Dining – A rich breakfast, lunch, or dinner […]