Edith levy-Neumand

אדית לוי נוימנד

Edith is a Jerusalem-based licensed Israel Tour Guide who came to Israel from France 40 years ago She guides tours not only in Jerusalem (in the various neighborhoods, the Old City…) but throughout the country. If you travel on your own, in couples, small groups or families; if you are tourists, businessmen, new or old […]

Galia milo

Shabbat Dining Experience You are invited to join us and take part in a truly unique and authentic experience that only Jerusalem can offer. Partake in a sumptuous traditional Shabbat feast combined with musical entertainment. Perfect for groups and families from abroad who wish to enjoy and taste Jerusalem’s special atmosphere. Looking forward to hosting […]

Shanina Touson

שנינה טאוסון

CASA TOUSON – Shanina and Shaul Touson home. I am Shanina, an artist and my husband Shaul is a chef and an expert on propolis and natural medicine. We host in our home in Jerusalem with a sense of mission to give our guests an authentic experience of Jewish family life. We are delighted to […]

Shoshana Karbasi

שושנה קרבסי

Grandma Sultana’s Love party. Poetry and folklore meeting at the old house in the village with the poet and writer – Shoshana Karbasi. About Sephardi weddings, women’s Code language, old jewels, mascots and incantations, in a meeting full of roots and yearning.

Rachel Roth​

A fascinating encounter with Rachel Roth (“Rata”) an Ultra-Orthodox woman from theTel Araza – Bucharim neighborhood. A multidisciplinary painter and artist, every corner in her house has a message and plenty of joy.See the art, experience the story behind the painting hear about Hasidi people and about Mea Shearim, where she was raised.​

Ruth Havilio

For the past 30 years, Ruth Havilio has been living and creating hand painted ceramic tiles in a renovated ancient stone house at the heart of Ein Karem. You are welcome to meet Ruth and hear about her art and sources of inspiration, including personal family stories which are deeply intertwined with the history of […]

Tzippora Nussbaum

צפורה נוסבוים

Tzippora Nussbaum A Charedi artist and researcher living in Jerusalem. Specializes in painting portraits and Jewish scenes Invites you to explore of the Charedi world: A peek into The Charedi clothes closet The Shtreimel, the hats The fabrics ,the frocks The colors ,the threads. According to communities and groups Hair Cover –   What’s hidden and What’s Seen […]

Atalya Ein Mor

עתליה עין מור

 an inviting space for upscale meals with a spectacular panoramic view of the Judean hills and the magical village of Ein Kerem. Atalya offers exceptional culinary events: meals, workshops, exclusive gatherings, and culinary tours that reveal the deepest secrets of Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, and special culinary corners around the world. Atalya is an award winning […]