Elisheva Cohen

Nestled between the prime minister’s residence and the president’s house is a hidden oasis. This large garden is full of life: fruit trees, vegetables, medicinal plants, herbs, chickens, ducks and kids.Here you can experience concocting natural remedies, making your personal care products and sprouting microgreens.Together we discover the medicinal properties of common herbs and how […]

Efrat Ben-Yehuda Levin

An experiential show at a home with a story. My name is Efrat Ben-Yehuda Levin, I’m a poet, actress and workshop facilitator, and I invite you to an experiential show at my home who has a unique story. During the visit, we’ll pass between the rooms of my house while I present my unbelievable story […]

Mama Rachel

Home culinary hospitality in Nachlaot, in a house established in 1920 and is well maintained and preserved. The house can host up to 20 guests. The high level food is based on the authentic Jerusalem-Spanish cuisine

Olga Avigail Mieleszczuk

Music Tour in enchanted village of Ein Karem with Olga Avigail Olga Avigail – international singer originally from Warsaw and the tour guide in Israel, offers inspiring excursions in the ancient village of Ein Karem with live singing performances in different languages in unconventional locations.

Avigail Sarid

The artist Abigail Sarid lives in an ancient house in the heart of the village of Ein Kerem, where she creates her life stories intertwined with portraits of her family and the landscapes of her dear city, Jerusalem. Abigail opens her home to visitors with hot tea and cookies, and shares her exciting and complex […]